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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 17
Twinkling stars in the night sky and a tiny girl looks out the
window and smiles at the moon.
I could see her from a distance she looked so tiny, so tired and
sad though she smiled widely when she saw the moon.
Probably she was smiling at the rabbit inside it. I decided to
walk towards her and ask her what was wrong.
I stopped in my tracks when I heard a loud sound. “Wake up
sis.. It’s already so late. Asmooooopeeeeeee will you wake up
before I break this big fat doooor”, Asna screamed from behind
the door.
I woke up and realized she was just a girl in my dream. She
looked cute, innocent and a little worried.
May Allah protect all his worshippers and may Allah guide
everyone to the right path. May the one’s in pain be cured. And
may they love Allah more than any worldly thing.
“Asmaaa opeeennn theee dooor”, I immediately whispered an
Aameen to my prayer as I got up from bed to open the door
before the innocent soul loses her voice.
“Hey, Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
habeebti”, I went forward to hug her as I opened the door.
“Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu, but no
hugs please”, Asna says as she pushes me away from her.
“Awwwhh that’s sad, but why darling”, I say to her.
“Go brush your teeth Asma you stink”, she said to me.
“Oh c’mon I don’t smell that bad but never mind I’ll just have a
wash and then see you. Oki?”, I say to her.
“That sounds great! See you downstairs maa wanted to talk to
you so make it faast!”, she says as she runs down the stairs
before I could ask her anymore questions.
“Be careful habeebti you might injure yourself. Shabeer
wouldn’t be happy then”, I say as I turn back towards my room
and go in as I close the doors behind me.
This girl she’s never going to change. Shabeer is going to have a
good time with her. I smile to my self as I say.
Oh Allah I’m gonna miss this brat when she’s gone. How I wish I
could live with her even after marriage. Not possible not at all
Asmah. I sigh and choose a comfy dress before I head to the
wash room.
That kid had eyes like someone I knew and she looked like me
when I was younger. I was distracted from my deep thought
about the girl in my dream when Asna screamed from
“Come down soon Asma I’m already so hungry”, I decided to
head down immediately before Asna kills me with utter torture.
“Hey Assalamu alaikum maa, baba and you too Asna”, I say as
I take a seat on the remaining space at the dining table for
“Walaikum salaam habibti”, maa and baba says in unison.
Asna doesn’t bother to reply as she’s already busy serving for
“Habibti you need to learn to behave if you’re already preparing
for your life at your mother in law’s place”, maa says in a strict
tone to Asna as she didn’t bother to reply to my salaam.
Probably she was mad at me for keeping he hungry for too
“Exactly maa”, I say as I put my tongue out at Asna.
“And you need to behave well too Asma”, maa says to me. I
immediately look down as I earn a you got what you want look
from Asna.
“Any way Asma we just wanted to tell you that Akeel wants to
meet you at the coffee shop today”, baba says to me while
he’s heading to the wash basin as he was done with his
“Oh sure baba. May I know the time though?”, I ask. “At half
past three and do take Asna along with you”, maa replies.
“Oh sure maa”, I say to her. As I head to the kitchen to wash
the dishes.
I wasn’t preparing for any questions to ask Akeel as I was now
aware of the different kind of questions I was supposed to ask.
I was almost done draping my off white shawl to match my
plain, flowy navy blue dress when Asna came in to the room
saying, “Are you done?”.
“Almost”, I reply to her as I now start applying mascara. Once
I’m done we head down, pass our salaams to maa and baba
and head to my car.
The car ride was a quiet untill we reached there. Since Asna
was driving the car she said she’d park the car and meet me
inside as we were already late. So I left her and headed to the
I was looking through the crowd at the coffee shop when I saw
Akeel wave his hands in front of me.
“Hey there Asma”, he says as I reply with a very shy and low
voiced Hi.
He guides me to our table and holds the chair out luke a
perfect gentleman till I have a seat. “Thank you”, I say to him
as he replies with a nod.
As soon as he settles down Asna reaches the table and takes
a seat right next to me while greeting Akeel.
The conversation was long. We spoke to each other till it was
almost time for Maghrib and so we decided to head home.
Akeel follows us upto our car and waves us off as we leave. “It
was a long day”, I sigh as we finally lose sight of Akeel and the
coffee shop.
“Yeah it sure was”, Asna replies as she looks towards me and
back to concentrate on the road as she continues, “So what do
you think?”.
“He seems like a nice guy but I don’t know Asna. You think I
can live abroad all on my own?”, I ask her in a worried tone.
“Well I was thinking of that too”, she says and continues. “I
would love it if you were both a couple but I can’t bare the fact
of not being able to see you most of the time”, Asna says as
she leaves one hand from the steering wheel and lightly
squeezes my hand.
“I think I need to talk to maa and baba about this” , I say. And
from then it was silence until we reached home.
I was finally so great that it was me and Allah alone again as I
finished off my maghrib prayer and asked dua from Allah.
As we headed back home myself and Asna narrated whatever
happened at the coffee shop. Maa and baba said it would be
sad to not be able to see me all the time if I was to go abroad.
But they also said that if he was the one who would make me
happy then they’ll be happy with the decision as they always
cared about their daughters happiness and nothing more.
I recited the Quran while in the prayer mat till it was time for
Isha and then I performed the Isha prayer followed by dhikr
and duas. I was deep in my thoughts and uknowingly I’d fallen
asleep and woke up only the day after.
I didn’t sleep after my Fajr salah. Instead I stayed awake and
thought all about yesterday and finally made a decision. I
headed early downstairs today and decided to talk to maa and
“Assalamu alaikum maa and baba”, I say as I see them at the
garden. Baba holding a newspaper while maa was seated next
to him sipping her cup of tea.
“Walaikum salaam habibiti. Why you down so early?”, maa
asks me.
“Needed to talk to you both”, I smile as I reply.
“Yes darling what is it?”, baba asks me.
“Well about yesterday “, I keep calm for sometime and speak
again, “I think Akeel is a nice person maa but the fact that he’s
heading abroad in future is something I’m against because no
way can I live without both of you and Asna. I don’t know if it’s
rude to say no to their proposal but I think this is my decision
and it’s up to you both to decide the rest”, I finally end looking
at the two concerned looks that were sent my way.
“Aww baby me and baba was talking about this in the night
and we didn’t want to miss you either but at the same time
didn’t want to hurt you because what if you really liked him
and his idea.”, maa says as she hugs me tight.
“We were ready to accept anything you’d say because we
didn’t want to hurt you. But if this is what you want. EIll speak
to his parents and let them know before the end of the day”,
baba continued.
“Aww that is so sweet of both of you”, I say as I head to the
opposite side and go hug baba.
We were that way for sometime and then I left his hold as I
excuse myself and head to the kitchen to make breakfast. I
take a deep breath as I was done preparing the table for
breakfast as I say, “He’s no more”.


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