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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 18
Great night
Asma’s P.O.V
It’s been crazily hectic the past few days. And finally it was
time to leave to Raahimah’s place for a week. I promised her I’d
be by herside and help her out with her sister’s wedding
“I’m going to miss you maa”, I say as I hug her tight. Asna was
to drop me there since I didn’t want to take my car along with
“I’m going to miss you too”, maa says as she hugs me so
“Are you ever going to come?”, Asna asks me as she carries
my huge bag to the entrance.
Of course the bag has to be huge. It’s a girl going out for one
entire week and mainly since it’s an entire week of functions.
Finally I head to the car as maa waves from the door. “I love
you maa”, I say through the open shutter in the car as she
passes a flying kiss towards me.
“C’mon Asma you’re definitely going to meet us almost at all
the functions so why so much drama?”, Asna says with an
annoyed look while driving.
“Oh you’re just jealous maa loves me more than she loves
you”, I say with a worried look as I’m sure I’d be home sick.
“Oh please don’t start with it. You know she loves me more but
you can just imagine she loves you more”, she replies.
“Pffftt. You’re just scared you’ll lose if you debate with me I
know”, I say with a smirk.
I’m really glad she’s trying to change my mood but I don’t
think I can. Maybe I’ll just pretend I’m okay for her sake.
The ride is silent until we get close to Raahimah’s house.
“Habibti please do take care of both of them Kay?”, I say to her
as I was taking off my seat belt to get down as we reach the
“Don’t worry Asma I’ll take care of all those. You chill and have
fun. I know the past few days had been hard with grooms and
crazy drama. So it’s your time to relax Kay?”, she says to me
as she takes the huge bag from the trunk.
“Thanks habibti. Do call me if there’s any emergency. Love
yuh baby doll”, I say as I hug her.
“Sure I will. Love you too crazy mouse”, she says as she hugs
me back. And then she leaves back to the car.
I wave to her and when I don’t see the car anymore. I head
towards Raahim’s entrance. Ya Allah please protect me, it’s
definitely going to be a long week.
“Raahim pass me the earrings that are over the table”, I say to
A day has passed since my arrival and it’s already the
mehendi function. Raahim’s maa asked me to promise her that
I’ll dress her for the mehendi and so here I am dressing this
beautiful woman in her light pink grand shalwar.
As she passes them to me I put it onto the beautiful brides
ears and I’m done dressing her.
“Oh my Allah Reeha looks so beautiful today”, Raahim’s maa
aka Aasha aunty says as she holds onto the brides cheeks as
a tear rolls down her eyes.
“Jezakallahu khairan habibt you’ve done a great job”, Aasha
aunty says to me.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum allahu khairan”, I reply to her as she
hugs me.
“Maa that’s enough don’t you see me getting jealous over
here?”, Raahim says annoyed at her mom.
“If you do a great job before the end of the day then definitely
I’m going to give you a hug too”, Aasha aunty says as she let
go of our embrace.
“Wait till I apply the mehendi then you’ll know”, Raahim says
as she frowns at her mom and continues “Asma could you
bring Reeha to the hall if you’re done with her so then I could
start applying the mehendi”.
“Yeah sure”, I say as I help Reeha to stand and follow her to
the hall and make her sit comfortably on the couch we
arranged for her.
Raahim holds onto one mehendi tube and passes me the other
tube so that we could both apply it on her hands.
While we were applying it on her hands Reeha received many
compliments from her family and friends. I felt so proud of my
talents then.
Around half an hour later once I was satisfied with how her
hand looked, I was done applying onto Reeha’s left hand. So I
decided to rest till Raahim was done. She was slow at her
work but had done a beautiful job so far maa shaa Allah.
I was just lost in my thoughts when I heard something buzzing
under me. I immediately stood up and there was a phone
underneath. I realized it was Reeha’s phone.
She did see me take her phone. And she passed a death glare
at me as she said, “Don’t you dare open it Asma”.
I was bored and therefore decided to annoy her around. So I
opened her phone to see the cutest message ever.
Azeem: I’m so bored without you how I wish you were here right
now. Text me if you can. I love you baby girl.
Raahim realized I was smiling alone as she said, “What you up
to Asma?”.
I smiled cheekily while I replied, “Was just awwwwed by her
fiancé’s message”.
I was so loud when I said that. So I received cheeky grins from
the crowd that was gathered and they came close to me and
said in chorus, “Asma read it to us too”.
I didn’t bother about Reeha’s glare I read it out loud and
everybody went, “Awwww how cute/adorable/lovey dovey they
The bride was blushing with her already pink face.
Raahim snatches the phone from me as she decides to reply to
Reeha: Aww I miss you too love. I’ve got mehendi on my hands
and I’m finding it difficult to text. Could you call me soon because
I don’t really have much time to talk alot.
She read the message out loud to us before she pressed send.
And there was an immediate reply.
Azeem: Anything for you baby girl.
And when Raahim almost finished reading the message, there
was a call.
“Don’t you dare answer that Raahim”, the beautiful Reeha said.
But Raahim clicked answer and pressed the loud speaker with
a smirk spread across her face.
“Salaams baby girl missed you so much,” he said.
Everyone gathered around was holding on to their mouth to
avoid laughing out loud while Reeha tried to cover her face
with her beautifully painted hands due to embarrassment.
“Umm Hello? Reeha you there?”, Azeem asked since we were
quietly giggling though he couldn’t hear anything.
I grabbed the phone away from Raahim and texted Azeem
while he was on call.
Reeha: people are around so I can’t talk just say you love me and
When Reeha peeped into see what I was doing and realized I
clicked send.
She was staring at us as she couldn’t say anything because
her mouth was now covered by Raahim’s hands.
“Oh so that’s why you’re not talking”, we hear Azeem say from
over the phone and then he continues, “I can’t wait to live the
rest of my life with you. I love you baby girl. Mmm”
Azeem was almost sending a kiss over the phone to the bride
when Reeha bit Raahim’s hand and as Raahim moved her
hand away due to the pain.
Reeha screamed, “Azeem doooont these kidddooos are playing
the fool with.”
And Raahim immediately put her hand back to close Reeha’s
“Oh um…. what the hell…. I’ll ummm talk to you later”, Azeem
says as he ends the call.
We all laugh so much till our stomache hurts while teasing
Reeha. She blushes the whole time.
Today was hectic and busy with so much work but enjoyed so
much with new clothes, dressing up, meeting family and
friends. And the night falls to an end like that. A great night I
would say.

Insha Allah we will soon bring on the next Islamic story titled Under the Veil, The tail of a Hijabiy


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