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Chapter 7
Bad day and a Surprise….

“Please get her these medicines, she is much better now but
please do take good care of her”, someone says and walks
away. By the time I open my eyes I see people around me with
tears filled in their eyes.
As I see them I feel like the entire world is turning around me,
so I ask for some water as quick as possible.
“Ma get me that water please”, I say with a painful voice.
My mom stands there for few minutes looking directly into my
eyes, until she realizes what I asked from her.
“Oh habibti have this”, ma says as she helps me sit straight
before feeding the water to me. And she talks again, “How are
you feeling Asma? Tell me how did this happen”. She
concludes with tears rolling down her cheeks.
I didn’t remember the exact thing that happened to me the
previous day, but I do remember the reason for why it
happened. So when I was about to begin about what
happened. Baba slipped into the room.
“Oh Aasiyah, just let her rest for now, maybe when we get back
home you could ask her all these”, baba says to mom in an
innocent tone.
“Oh My Allah, I’m so sorry habibti, I just got too emotional that
I forgot about your sickness, anyways get well soon in shaa
Allah habibti and come back home as fast as possible”, mom
ends with sniffles.
Right then I understand what she meant by ‘come back home
as fast as possible’ and I immediately question her in a sad
tone, “Ma so will I be in the hospital even tomorrow”.
“Yeah baby, don’t worry I will be with you throughout”, Ma
says as she wipes my tears away.
I felt horrible in the hospital with so much of pains and
medicines but I was happy as well, as I had much attention
towards me from everyone.
Before ma could say another word, baba spoke up, “so
hayatee now you better have some rest while ma and myself
go to have our lunch at the restaurant in the ground floor”.
I didn’t feel sleepy but I didn’t want to tell it to them because I
knew they wouldn’t leave me and have lunch if I said that I
wasn’t sleepy, so for them I lied, “ya sure baba I’m feeling little
weak so I’ll just have a small nap”.
Ma stands up from the chair right next to me and kisses my
forhead with a smile and then leaves with baba.
I was happy that I was left alone for sometime because I
needed to rewine and think about what happened the previous
day because everything passed just like a miracle.
Though I thought so much I couldn’t remember anything other
than those words from Saajid’s mouth ‘I just like you soooo
much’. Those words made me dizzy everytime I think of it.
So I decided to calm down and think of nice things rather than
things that made me feel dizzy and angry.
“Uhhh..I’m sorry but she’s sleeping right now, I don’t want to
wake her, maybe you could come some other time habibi in
shaa Allah, oh yeah and I’ll tell her about the floweres”, I hear
mom say to someone outside.
I realize that the person had come to meet me and so I call ma
in and say, “ma who is it?”.
“Oh hayatee! Did I wake you up? I’m so sorry”, ma says as she
run towards me and stroke my head.
“Oh no ma.. don’t think that way.. and Alhamdulillah I had
enough sleep! Don’t worry about it.. anyways who is here to
see me?”, I ask her.
“Oh yeah that.. Shabeer is here to see you!”, she says with a
wide smile on her face.
The thought of Shabeer brightens up my face but immediately
fades as I remember Saajid.
‘Asma think nice things.. concentrate!’ I scold my conscious.
And I stretch my hands to reach my hijab to wear it and ask
mom to call him in.
She let us be alone and leaves. I have the great ma and baba
in the world. I’m so glad they are my parents because they
trust me at all times. I always thank God for giving the best
parents to me.
“Assalamu alaikum Asma, how are you doing?”, Shabeer says
as he enters and takes a seat in the chair right next to my bed.
“Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu, I’m
feeling much better, jezakallahu khairan for coming”, I say to
him as I appreciate him for coming with his daily busy
“Oh it’s no problem, I actually came because of Saajid as he
begged and pleaded me to come”, he stops for a moment to
I didnt like the thought of Saajid coming into our conversation
but I couldn’t do anything as Saajid was ‘his’ brother. So I had
to cope up with it.
And he continues again, “and he also blackmailed me to come
see you or else he wouldn’t take me inside home tonight”, he
laughs again while I was so confused.
‘Why did he like me so much! Do I like him back? Oh Asma
stop thinking rubbish you might get married to his brother
Shabeer in few days sometimes’ I scold myself as I return
from my thoughts.
“So yeah please will you do me a small favour Asma”, he asks
me. I was glad I could do a favour for him and so instantly
“Yeah sure anything! What is it?”, I ask Shabeer. “Umm yeah
would you text Saajid and…..”, I didn’t understand anything he
said afterwards as I was dumbstruck when he requested me to
text Saajid, ‘to his own brother’.
With the shock, the only words that came out was “WHAT??”.
“Oh yeah if you don’t mind can you text Saajid and say that I
did come over to see you”, he asks me again for the second
Since Shabeer had done so many things for me, I couldn’t just
say no to this small favour. So I had to accept it for ‘him’.
“Okay so can I get his phone number”, I ask Shabeer. “Oh yeah
I’ll text it to you”, he says as he takes his phone out. We did
exchange each others numbers on our first meeting at
Starbucks though we didn’t text or call each other ever since
“By the way make sure you say thanks to him for all the
flowers around you”, Shabeer says as he still keeps pressing
buttons in his phone.
“Wait what! he sent all these flowers for me”, I say with a
starled expression while looking at the hundreds of flowers
that surrounded me in the room.
“Oops I was not supposed to say it to you but it however
slipped out of my mouth”, Shabeer says as he continues,
“please don’t tell him that I told you this he’ll kill me!”, he says
with a joking expression on his face.
So I forced myself to smile. “By the way how did he know I
loved daisies?”, I ask Shabeer with a confused look plastered
on my face.
“Umm I’m not sure but I swear I didn’t tell him about it!”,
shabeer says as he answers a call, putting me into thoughts
about million questions that are un answered.
Throughout this conversation I realized that Shabeer wasn’t
interested in what he was talking to me, as he was constantly
checking his phone over and over again, and I felt like he was
forcing himself to talk to me. There was no feeling Towards
anything he said to me.
I made a mental note that someday when myself and Saajid
become friends again I should ask him, how he knew I loved
I was cut off by my thoughts when a panicking Asna entered
through the door way blabbering away something to me that I
didn’t understand totally.
She said “Asma hayatee! I’m so so extremely sorry I couldn’t
be with you the whole day today! I had collage as well as my
job, they didn’t let me take a holiday as I had been taking
holidays this entire week”, she concluded as she noticed
I just stared at them when I realized that there eyes were
locked up into each other for few seconds and immediately
Asna lowered her gaze and looked down.
“I’m sorry did I disturb you guys. I’ll come in sometime”, Asna
says as she turns behind to leave when Shabeer gets up from
his seat and say.
“Asna wait, you can talk to her, I’ll leave”, he says as he moves
away from the chair to make space for Asna to sit.
“No it’s okay you guys carry on, I’ll come back later”, she says
as she reaches the door knob.
Since I needed them to end this up I decided to talk, “Asna
stay, he was here for sometime and I think he has an urgent
meeting or something”. I smile as I look at Shabeer.
“Oh yeah I need to go right away, bye salaams take care
Asma”, he says as he leaves smiling at me and with an
expressionless face at Asna.
Asna soon makes her way towards me and gives me a loose
hug that wouldnt hurt and settle down in the seat next to me.
She decided that she didn’t want to stress me on asking about
what happened so we spoke for sometime about random
And then she said she had to leave to get something to eat as
she was starving. So I let her go while I got back to my
Why was he just irritating me by being good to me.. I got away
from my thought as Saajid was the only thing I could think of.
And I knew it wasn’t right.
So I decided to do some dhikr and then ask dua from Allah to
help me and guide me to the right path! because Walking
towards Jannah was my greatest goal!


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