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“Assalmu alaikum ma! I’m home..”, I run to my mom as I
embrace her so tight.
“Oh my Allah, leave me Asma or else you won’t see me alive in
another few minutes time”, my mom says as she tries to make
herself look angry though she can’t.
“Haha ma.. I know that’s not true and anyways that face
doesn’t suit you”, I say with the teasing smile.
“You got me.. okay enough of this.. now lets prepare the table
for dinner before baba arrives..

Asma will you help me?”, my
mom says as she runs into the kitchen.
“Okayyyy… Do I have a choice”, and I go following her to
prepare the table with the mouth watering dishes that my mom
had for us on Friday night.
“By the way where’s Asna? I didn’t see her the entire day… not
even before I left to college.. where is….”, I question mom as I
try to get into conversation while working at the kitchen to try
to forget my tiredness.
Asna is 18 years and is the youngest in my family. She is so
mature and talks too much. Not to mention she talks less than
me. She is a good cook and mom always says that ‘her
husband would be so lucky to have her’ and for this she
blushes everytime.
Not even before I could finish my sentence she arrives,
“Asslamu alaikum habibti! Where were you and how was your
day?”, I saud as I give her a side hug since I was busy helping
“Aww you missed me?”, she says with a teasing smile and as I
glare at her she continues “… anyways I was at salma’s house
discussing on a project that we have to handover within next
week.. I decided to go there and pick her up before college
starts as I could discuss with her about the project on the way
to college .. so yeah that’s it.. how was your day?”
Salma was her best friend and our first cousin. They were
entirely together throughout their life from pre school till the
present day. They did everything together. They were
inseparable Maa shaa Allah!
“Oh.. my day was hectic.. loads of work in the final days of
school.. so much to cover up and yeah that’s it…”, I say as I
wash my hands after chpping some onions for mom.
And as I see Asna trying to start a conversation with me I cut
her off “Oh my Allah how could I forget.. I need to go pray..it’s
already late.. Asna please can you do the dishes for me
please”? I say with a pleading look and run as I didn’t want to
hear a no from her.
Once I was done with prayers i went down straight afterwards
as I was terribly hungry. While I was walking down I saw my
dad with his hands apart waiting to snatch me into a warm
hug! “Oh my Asma! How are you doing habibti”, baba says as
he hugs me so tight like we met after a long time.
“Aww I’m doing great Alhamdulillah! How are you baba”, I say
as I let go of him to make conversation.
“I’m doing good too.. Alhamdulillah!” Baba says as mom starts
screaming we decide to listen to her.. “can you both stop it
and come over here right now! We are so hungry”, ma says
and Asna joins her as well.
Baba looks at me and smiles as we decide to go to the dining
room immediately because we were hungry as well.
Then we were quiet for some time as we believed in keeping
silence while eating, the only sounds we heard were the dishes
moving. Once everyone was done baba got up from his seat
and was looking at mom and smiling like they were upto
something. Then mom spoke up.
“Asma honey we need to talk to you!”, ma says as she smiles
so widely.
Yeah… okay sure Ma after I pray Isha in shaa Allah! Anyways
may I know about what?”, I say with a confused and a nervous
look as I knew they were upto something!
They looked at each other and smiled again as they spoke.
Though this time it was baba. “You will know soon habibti in
shaa Allah”, he said as he makes his way to the kitchen with
his plate.
I was confused and a little afraid because I didn’t know what
they were up to. Once I was done with dinner I directly went to
the room and made wudu and did my Isha prayers. Once I was
done I made dua that it had to be some good news in shaa
And I went straight to ma’s and baba’s room as I was curious
to know what it was. “Oh ma, baba I hope I didn’t bother you..
can I talk to you guys now?” I say with a puppy dog face..
They smile at each other and then dad says with a teasing
expression on his face “oh I see.. my daughter is so keen in
knowing this.. I wish she was keen in other things too this
same way”
“Oh c’mon baba stop with the teasing and tell me what you
two are up to”, I say with a pleading look.
“Oh Sameer tell it to her soon”, ma says supporting me as I
look at her and smile.
“Ya okay okay.. to begin with may I ask my dear Asma
Inshirah Sameer to have a seat”, baba says as he moves his
attention to me and then the bed. By the way he loves calling
me with both my names as he thinks it makes me more
beatiful that way.
“Oh ya jezakallahu khair baba”, I say as I make my self
comfortable on my parents comfy bed.
“Wa antun fa jazaakum Allahu khairan” he says and
continues.. I secretly admire my dad for being the perfect
muslim he can ever be. He is my role model, my inspiration.
“Ya so this is the thing habibti.. don’t freak out at once but I
need you to think of it and give me a good decision in shaa
Allah”, he ends as he waits for me to say something.
I get even more curious as I didn’t know where this
conversation was going to end! And I reply to baba smiling, “ya
sure in shaa Allah baba”
“Well someones wants your hand in marriage.. no no dont
freak out already.. think of it”, he says as he realizes my mood
I was stuck I didn’t know what to say. .
“So will you think of it and let me know later in shaa Allah”,
baba continues and ma joins in “will you?” With a pleading
Though i wasn’t ready for this, of course I didn’t want to
diasappoint them by saying no already so I decided to say no
later on when they asked me! I smiled at them and said “yeah I
will think of it”.

Insha Allah chapter 2 coming your way


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