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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 13
You can!

“I love you much more than that habibti! And you may have
him!”, those were the best words I have ever heard from her
Each time I had asked her to repeat it, it gave me shivers and I
got a wierd feeling in my stomache.
Once I had left her embrace I asked her, “Asma I need your
help”. She was confused and asked back, “yeah what?”
I really needed to ask her how I was going to tell this to ma
and baba. So I asked her, “umm yeah so how am I going to tell
this to ma and baba?”. I wanted Shabeer to be with me always
but I still didn’t know how to face my parents. That was the
most dreadful thing in my life.
Asma interrupted me in my thoughts as she replied, “Don’t
worry Asna you can do it, if you like him you have to face it
and I’ll come with you when you talk to them. Don’t ever forget
I’m with you and specially Allah is with you!”.
Those words just made my day from the way I was feeling all
this while. Sudden confidence got into me and I was ready to
face anything on behalf of my life in future.
“Aww Asma I know you are always there for me! Jezakallahu
khairan habibti!”, I say as I hug her again.
Then Asma asks, “Shall we go talk to them now?”. I reply, “No
Asma not yet I need to think a little and prepare myself, so
we’ll do it tomorrow lunch time in shaa Allah! K?”.
“Yeah sure in shaa Allah habibti! Anyways I need to go now
because I need to prepare with my clothes for tomorrow, since
it’s our last day”, Asma said the last few words with so much
of worry within her.
Though she refused to show it out, I knew it because I knew
her better than anyone.
“Aww habibti I know you’re going to miss college terribly but
you have to face it one day, all of us have to, I’m sure you’ll
get over it soon in shaa Allah because you are stronger than
anyone I knew! Don’t worry!”, I say as I move towards her and
face her directly.
“Jezakallah Asna anyways I’ll make a move now! Bye, see you
tomorrow at lunch”, she says as she winks at me and move
out of the room.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum Allahu khairan! See you at lunch as
well in shaa Allah!”, I say to her as I peep through the door and
close the door shut when she leaves. Then get back to college
These days I had a lot of things to concentrate about, my
education, my career life and my future. It stressed me out to
think of all of this but I knew I had to deal with all of this.
The morning had passed on faster than I could imagine and it
was already lunch time. Lunch time was really long though,
with the table so quiet though ma, baba, Asma and myself
were present. We had eaten with much calmness filled inside
the room.
The only awkward thing about lunch was the constant nagging
of Asma as she wanted me to speak out. I had just kept quiet
and ignored Asma because I was too frightened to say
“Umm yeah Asna, well why did you want us to have lunch
together? Is there anything special you need to tell us?”, ma
I was frightened by the way she asked but I knew I had to face
them somehow and this was the time for it. And since I was
the one who forced them to come have lunch together I had to
say it to them.
I drifted out by my thoughts as I heard this. “Is it something to
do with your marriage?”, baba asked with a smirk across his
I knew it. I knew it so well that someone would figure out my
thoughts. Was I so obvious? Oh my Allah! I can’t believe this.
“Umm yeah baba kind of, but it’s not really marriage but I
figured out a person who I thought would be a great husband
to me and a greater father to my children”, I said with much un
clarity in my voice.
I realized Asma’s face giving an ‘Are you serious’ look when I
spoke to her. I know I told her the entire thing but still, I was
over my limits when I spoke. I realized this when ma and baba
as well stared at me for some time.
It was getting awkward than I could ever imagine and oh Asma
she didn’t help me. I got furious at her but then I thought she
might have not over come her shock yet about the last thing I
I wish I never said that.. and I wish I could go back to my past
and erase it but since I couldn’t, I had to face it.
“What?”, were the only words that left my mom’s mouth. Oh
Allah seriously couldnt there be any better thing for ma to ask
The situation got even awkward because baba didn’t give any
reaction nor did he utter a word.
I realized I had to say something and I began. “Umm yeah ma,
I like someone and I told about it to Asma as well!”, I faced
Asma and continued “Isn’t it Asma?”.
I realized Asma turning her face towards me with a confused
expression and then as I repeated my question again she
replied, “Oh.. uh… mm.. yeah yeah!”.
By that time everybody had turned towards Asma and started
concentrating on her. Right then Asma immediately turned
towards me. I gave a pleading look at her and she finally
She wiped her mouth and hands on her serviette as she began
speaking, “Yeah I know all about it and I guess she made a
good decision ma. I know it’s your right to say this but since
she decided to bring it to me first, I thought about it and yeah I
think it’s a good decision baba. But it’s up to you’ll!”.
She said facing them and ended facing me. I mouthed a thank
you to her. She smiled and left to wash her plate.
I was afraid because I didn’t know what they were going to ask
me and it got worse since Asma had also left.
“Hmm we’ll talk about it and let you know little later in shaa
Allah k?”, baba said as maa took there plates and headed to
the kitchen as well.
I couldn’t say atleast an okay because I was confused and
afraid of what they thought about it. I was scared they’ll say
no, I was afraid of how I will be able to forget him. When I over
came these thoughts I headed to the kitchen and then left to
my room.
I made wudu and did my Dhur salah. I made alot of dua. I
knew Allah would help me at all times and I knew He would
give me whatever he thought was good for me. And now I was
ready to face and accept anything and say Alhamdulillah
because it’s what Allah had planned for me.
It was already time for Asr and ma and baba had asked me to
meet them. I performed my asr prayers and left the room.
As I was heading to my parents room, on the way I decided to
take asma with me as well because she would be a big
confidence for me.
So as I dropped down on her door I eneterd it without any
permission, “Asma would you come with me to baba’s room?”.
“Yeah sure habibti give me a minute”, she said as she cleaned
her table and came out with me.
On our way to their room I mentioned a quick thank you to her
for lunch time and for accompanying me right now.
“Oh Assalamu Alaikum my sweethearts! Come in”, ma says as
she see myself and Asma enter the room.
We wait in the room for few minutes till baba had finished his
prayers. Once he was done baba started speaking as he took a
seat opposite myself and Asma.
“Umm so Asna are you ready for marriage?” As he asks me I
immediately reply, “Yes baba I am, I haven’t finished collage
but you’ll know I’m not intrested in it and yeah I have my own
job as well and that is why I think I am ready”.
“So yeah we decided that you have our permission to marry”,
baba says as he looks at ma.
At that moment I wished I could run out of the room, scream
on top of my lungs and do a victory dance.
I wanted to thank them both but baba cut me short as he said,
“But we still don’t know who it is and yeah would you tell
atleast now?”.
Before I could say the name, Asma stopped me as she started,
“Umm… baba you’ll definitely like the person and yeah you
know him and his father very well… and ma you love his family
as well.. but don’t be disappointed once she says who it is
Asma ends as she turns towards me and smiles at me
expecting me to talk, “Umm yeah baba and ma it’s Shabeer
that I like”. I immediately look down because I didn’t want to
face their reaction.
“Wait.. What? Then what about Asma?”, this was the first
question they had asked. Both in unison.
“Don’t worry about it baba, we are not intrested ine each other
becuase we are very differnt and we don’t suit each other.
Remember ma I told you I was going to meet Shabeer
yesterday”, as ma shook her head Asma continued “That’s
what we spoke about and yeah so we are no more to be
married and since you like their family and they like us, let
Asna marry him!” Asma ended.
I was shocked by the last few things she mentioned, I never
knew that she had already spoken to Shabeer but I was quite
happy since one part of my mission was accomplished.
Ma and baba thought for some time and then baba spoke
drifting us all out of our thoughts, “Since she is ready to marry
and since we know there family well and since we like both
boys and since Asma doesn’t want to marry him, you can ! isn’t
it?”, he said as he faced ma.
I quickly turned to look at ma and ma nodded as well.
I was extremely happy. I smiled brighter than bright. I could
feel my heart beating faster than I could imagine lost in the
immense happiness.
“But Asna remember we need to make sure Shabeer like you
too and also remember you have to marry after Asma k?”, I
was happy and I knew I could wait.
I replied, “Oh yes no problem baba and ma! Good night!
Assalamu alaikum!”.
I left with Asma and as I headed to her room, I hugged her
tight and said “Thank you so much and I love you Asma!”.
“Aww no problem habibti”, and then I head to my room.


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