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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 14
Never knew!

Recap of chapter 10 end!
Today was going to be awesome with Ahsan and myself
spending sometime alone at Starbucks.
Saajid: I’m on my way! Be there soon!
I text Ahsan as I leave home but when I was there he hadn’t
still arrived. I was looking around and realized the manager
talking to a muslim girl in a strict tone.
Since I couldn’t bare the sound and because I wanted to help
her out I decided to walk towards her.
“Hey salaams! Need any help?”, I ask her before she could
turn to face me.
And as she turned I was so astonished!
“You!”, she said to me.
This chapter would be a continuation of chapter 10. Hope you’ve
understood my recap! And just wanted to tell you guys that
chapter 10 was supposed to be chapter 12 while chapter 11 and
12 were supposed to be 10 and 11 respectively. I know its a bit
confusing but cope up with it.
Asma’s P.O.V
“You!”, I said to him quite shocked. I never ever expected him
to be here. Its going to be very embarrasing if he gets to know
what happened.
‘Ya Allah please help me!’ I tell to myself.
Saajid kept quiet for sometime and then asked, “What’s up
Asma? Can I help?”. I didn’t know what to say, I was confused.
‘Do I tell him and get embarrassed infront of him or do I not tell
him and wait forever fighting with the manager?’.
No I’ll tell him because there is no other option and I know he
would help me for sure. While one part of me said no, I forced
myself to say him the story.
“So yeah I need help!”, I say facing him and move my gaze to
the ground immediately.
“Yeah what can I do for you Asma? Tell me!”, he asks eagerly.
“Umm yeah the thing is.. I uh… came here with my friends and
uh they had gone… umm to the car and I had forgotten to
bring my purse and I.. I told the manager that I’ll go get the
money but he says no and he thinks I’m gonna cheat him”, I
say it as fast as possible and end with a shaky voice.
He listens to me calmly and then without uttering another word
to me he talks to the manager. I go closer to them to kind of
here what they spoke.
The only words I got were, “Uhh sir uhh I’m sorry….. I want do
it…. we don’t need the money sir!”, the manager says.
I didn’t understand anything though I tried to. I didn’t
understand why the manager had spoke to Saajid with a lot of
respect and why didn’t he want the money?
Was he so mad at the manager that he scolded the manager?
Did he know the manager? I surely had to find out soon!
As I was lost in thoughts Saajid came towards me and spoke,
“Problem solved!”. For once I was happy about what Saajid
had done. Alhamdulillah I said to myself and thanked Saajid,
then we headed out of the restaurant together.
“So Asma I’ll make a move”, he says as he smiles at me and
headed towards the restaurant back again.
I follow him inside as I call out, “Saajid!”. He stops moving and
immediately turn towards me. “Ummm yeah thank you soo
much for the help Saajid! It was so sweet of you! I’m glad you
helped me out today”, I conclude.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum Allahu khairan and no big deal Asma”,
he winks and head to his table. I felt a total different opinion of
him in my heart that moment.
As he walked towards the table I screamed as I waved at him,
“Bye Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
Saajid”. He looks at me, smiles and then move towards his
‘Why did I just do that?’, I think as I walk towards the car.
Who was that manager? Was he friends with Saajid? Cannot
be because the manager was frightened of Saajid.. Then who
was he? How did Saajid change so soon? Why do you care
Asma? Do I really care? No I don’t! Just stop it Asma.. Just
leave it….
I had a mini fight with my conscious while I lay in bed later that
day. Asna interrupts me from my thoughts as she enters the
“Hey habibti! What are you doing?”, Asna asks me. I turn
towards her and reply, “Nothing really, just resting!”. I couldn’t
do any of my work as I had lost my concentration due to what
had happened today.
“Oh okay”, she says. “Anything you want to tell me?”, I ask her
as I knew she had come here to say something.
“Umm yeah ma and baba wants to meet you right now okay?”,
Asna says. I realized there was something wrong going on
from Asna’s voice. I was in no mood to meet my parents but
as they had requested I decided to meet them.
“Asna right now I have to pray! Will you tell them that I would
pray and come please?”, I ask Asna as she stood from the bed
to leave.
“Yeah sure habibti! Assalamu alaikum! “, she says and leave
the room as I reply “bye thank you and walaikum salaam
warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu!”.
I went straight to the washroom as Asna left and took ablution
to perfom my salah. I prayed, did dhikr, recited a bit of the
Quran and headed down to my parents room.
While I walk down to their room I think of what they wanted to
talk about with me. I prayed silently that it shouldn’t be
anything bad and I enter their room.
“Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu maa and
baba!”, I say as I finally enter their room.
“Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu habibti!
Come here dear!”, baba says as he makes space next to him
on the bed.
As I move on the bed next to baba, maa joins us well. “So maa
and baba why did you call me?”, I ask them both.
“To tell you something very important!”, baba says as he looks
at me and then at maa.
‘Oh no please don’t tell me it’s something bad!’. As I overcame
my sudden panick baba says with a smirk, “Don’t worry dear it
isn’t anything bad”.
‘Phew…. Alhamdulillah!’ I say to myself. “Then what is it
baba?”, I ask as I was so curious to know what it was about.
“Umm the thing is dear don’t get annoyed or angry over us..
it’s just that we want the best for you”, maa says as she
smiles widely at me.
‘Oh no where was this leading’ I thought. “Tell me maa I’m
curious to know!”, I say squeezing maa’s hands while looking
at baba.
“Well we found another groom for you!”, maa says.
Wait! Was that what I expected to hear? No way would I try
someone again so soon. Before I could tell them about it baba
cut me short.
“Well Asma you need to think a bit… it’s kinda serious.. and
just because one wasn’t right that doesn’t mean everything
wouldn’t be right.. so try again habibti and please try it atleast
for the sake of Asna habibti.. only once you are married could
she marry dear..”, baba ended with pleading eyes.
While I stay sitting on the bed and thinking maa stated, “please
give a try ya habibti Asma”.
Now how could I say no to them? Ya Allah help me please!
“I’ll think about it and let you know later tomorrow baba in
shaa Allah! Would that be okay?”, I ask baba as I had no
choice but to tell them that I needed time. I decided to say no
to them maybe later tomorrow.
“Yeah sure habibti take your time”, maa says. I leave their bed
to head off to my room and baba stops me as he states, “Don’t
you want to know who it is dear?”.
“Yes I would like to”, I say with a fake smile on my face as I
didnt want to make them disappointed.
“Aww maa shaa Allah my daughter is intrested”, baba says as
he looks at maa and then continues while looking at me, “He is
Akeel dear.. my friend’s son.. he is such a good boy maa shaa
Allah! If you want to know more about him just let me know
Asma okay?”.
“Yeah okay sure baba in shaa Allah. Assalamu alaikum
warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu!”, I say and leave
immediately away from the room as tears had formed in my
bright blue eyes that instant!


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