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Would You Still Love Me The Same?

Chapter 3
Finally met them
The night passed on so fast and it was already the next day. I
was feeling awkward to go downstairs since I approved of
marriage. But however I knew I had to go whether now or
later. So finally with a little bit of confidence I made my way
downstairs. It was so hard to maintain myself from smiling
like an idiot because from the time I told ma that I agreed, I’ve
been smiling like forever.
As I was about to get down from the staircase I saw baba
standing midway. He hugged me so tight and wished me
congratulations for my decision. “Jezakallahu khairan baba”, I
say trying to control myself from blushing.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum Allahu khairan and by the way when I
heard the good news I directly went and spoke to them. They
were so happy for the fast response and decided that you’ll
could meet maybe this Sunday in shaa Allah”, dad ends as he
waits for my response.
“Oh sure, in shaa Allah baba”, I say happily.
“But habibti you need to take someone with you when you go
in shaa Allah”, he says as he winks at me.
“Yeah baba I decided on taking Asna and Raahimah with me”, I
say because I think I would be comfortable with both of them
I wanted to take Asna with me because I know I gain enough
confidence to talk when she is around and I decided to take
Raahimah because she was the only person who had the guts to
talk to a non-mahram because myself and Asna would freak
out when we see an opposite gender person itself.
“Oh that’s good okay then carry on with your work, I’ll let you
know the time and place later today in shaa Allah”, baba
concludes and leaves.
“Yeah okay baba in shaa Allah”, I say and leave to my room to
get dressed since I was already late.
Because today turned out to be a happy day I decided to spend
some time dressing and since it was the last day before exams
I had to wear something nice.
So I took out my favourite dull gold top and a frilled peach skirt
to match with this. And I got an off white hijab to wear to
match the combination of the skirt and top. I dressed so neatly
and put on light make up and went down.
As Asna see me she screams out in delight and run towards
me to give me a hug, “Awww looking so pretty maa shaa Allah!
May no evil eyes fall upon you ever!”
“Aww jezakallahu khairan habibti”, I say as I wipe away fake
tears from my eyes.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum Allahu khairan hayaatee, haha and
stop with the teasing I was just being so straight forward”, she
says as she winks at me.
“Haha okay okay I need to leave before I’m too late, so bye
Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu and pass
my salaams to ma and baba as well”, I say as I leave.
“Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu habibti
and yeah I will tell them in shaa Allah”, she says as she waves
her hand at me.
College was awesome today as all the teachers let us free as it
was the last day of studies before the final exams began. So
we had an awesome time with friends as it was the last day to
have chit chats with friends before the exams.
So since I had only Raahimah to talk to and since I had so much
to tell her I decided to take her out for coffee and straight from
there to home. Because I didn’t find her I decided to text her.
Asma: hey.. salaams come to my locker, I’m waiting for you
I had been in class for few minutes till her reply came back.
Raahimah : hiiiiii wa alaiki salaam habibti. Y suddenly?
I replied,
Asma: just come let’s go out for coffee.. I’m waiting!
Then instantly I got a reply back.
Raahimah : I’ll be right there give me 2 minutes.
Once I read her message I left the class and headed to my
locker and saw her waiting for me.
“Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
hayaatee, by the way you look so beautiful in pink”, she says
as she hugs me.
I hug her back and reply “walaikum salaam warahmathullahi
wabarakathuhu and jezakallahu khairan”, I say as my cheeks
turn bright red.
Then I dragged her from her hand as I say, “let’s head to
Starbucks before it’s too late”. And we leave to my car.
“Aww how much I love Starbucks and never get fed up of it
though I’ve been here a million times”, Raahimah says as she
stand directly infront of Starbucks and looks into it with deep
thought, I drag her back from her thoughts and say, “oh c’mon
in before its too late hayatee”. We go in before she gets into
her dreamworld again.
“Two chilled chocolate chip milkshakes please!”, I give the
order even before the waiter could talk as I was so excited to
tell her what happened at home the night before and this
morning as well.
“Cool down habibti the world didn’t end yet why you so tensed
up”, Raahimah says as she realizes me being so curious and
So then I narrate to her the story. In between I got a few calls
from Asna and I knew she would call me for some
unnecessary reason and just interrupt our conversation, so I
decided to answer her once I was done with all what I had to
tell Raahimah . So finally when Raahimah started commenting on all
what I was saying I decided to check my inbox because the
phone has been vibrating throughout.
My eyes blew up when I saw the phone.
“Oh give me a minute habibti”, I say to Raahimah as she sips on
the milkshake with a delighted face.
I start reading the messages…..
Asna: Assalamu alaikum u there?? (1)
Asna: I have something to tell youuu! (2)
Asna: Asmaaaaaa answer the phone habibti (3)
Asna: Answer the phone for God’s sake Asma! (4)
Asna: Will you at least reply to my messages habibti (5)
Asna: your in laws are here to see you, are you coming or not!! (6)
When I read that, on the spot I payed the bill to the counter and
grabbed Raahimah’s hand and left to my car. “Will you drive
Raahimah please and take me home immediately please”, I say
with a regretting expression on my face, without another word
she starts driving the vehicle when I decide to calm down and
read the rest of the messages.
Asna: I hate you!! pick up the phone please! (7)
Asna: why can’t you answer me are you angry with me?? (8)
Asna: tell me are you angry?? (9)
Asna: Helloooo!! (10)
Asna: last tym um gonna try will you reply please!! (11)
Asna: I’ll kill you when you come home I’m serious! :”'( (12)
When I saw it I smiled but I still had a wierd feeling within me. I
decided to reply to her before she dies with fear that I wont be
there. Lol
Asma: walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
hayatee.. chill chill I’ll be there soon.. don’t kill me plsss and I’ll
be there in two minutes tym in shaa Allah! Just open the back
door so that I could come in because thy might be infront nuh…
Instantly I get a reply back.
Asna: Oh My Allah Alhamdulillah! Finally I got hold of you! Come
home soon.. and come in from the front door cuz u dont look bad
with your dress today.. and we cant wait for long till you
cuz they’ve been here for so long so make it fast.
As I read her message I realized I can’t make it through the
front door alone so I decided to take Raahimah home with me for
company.. so I told her to accompany me and told her the
entire scene… I was so excited to meet my to be husband
maybe.. I was scared too but I was happier than that.
I look down as I enter through the front door. I made sure I
looked perfect before I entered. Throughout my journey inside
home I decided to hold on to Raahimah’s hand. I was squeezing
her hand and made a mental note that I should ask sorry from
her later on.
“Oh Assalamu alaikum habibti, I guess this gorgeous girl in
pink dress is your daughter Asma”, the lady says as she looks
at my mom while I blush with pride about myself.
“Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu aunty”, I
say still blushing and looking at the ground.
“Oh perfect muslimah I guess Maa Shaa Allah, you have
brought up your daughters well Aasiyah”, she says to mum
while I look at a smiling Asna and wink before no one noticed
While I was looking at the ground I realized there was only two
new pairs of legs and I knew it was ‘his’ mom’s and dad’s, but
where was ‘he’ I was wondering. When I decided that he must
be in the washroom or maybe in a business call.
Before I could even think anything else the new aunty also
known as Shahana replied, “sorry habibti, my son couldn’t
make it here today because he had gone on a business trip to
India, but he asked me to give this to you!” And she hands me
a heart shaped box.
I accept it as mom asks me to and I say, “Jezakallahu khairan
“No problem darling, anyways we have to leave now. Shabeer
says that he would meet you on Sunday at Starbucks at 3 in
shaa Allah”, she says as she gets up from her seat. The
thought of Starbucks and that I know his name lights up my
mood and I immediately think that he was a fan of Starbucks
and we were going to be a wonderful couple one day.
I was interrupted in my thoughts when ma says, “why don’t
you have something and go”.
“No Aasiya we’ll come on another day with Shabeer in shaa
Allah and have something, okay Assalamu alaikum!”, she says
as she moves toward the entrance.
“Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu, fee
amaanillah, hoping to meet you’ll soon in shaa Allah”, ma says
as she hugs Shahana aunty and meanwhile dad hugs uncle
and they leave.
Raahim says that she has to leave and hugs me and goes
back home.
“Phew”, I say as I sit down and everybody sits down around
me and mom starts the conversation. “Hmmm I don’t like this
marriage to happen”, ma says as baba, Asna and myself stare
at her with our mouth open wide for few seconds and we reply
in chorus, “why????


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