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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 2

“Eeeeeeeee Asmaaaaaa I’m… I’m….. I’m so happy for
youuuuu!”, Asna screams as she enters my room to
congratulate me with a tight hug from the back.
“Oh jezakallahu khairan Asna but now will you let me study.. I
have alot of work gathered around”, I say as I wasn’t
interested in this.
“Oh c’mon Asma don’t you think you need to share your
happiness with someone?? And cant that be me??”, she turns
away as she says this with an annoyed look and continues “So
tell me is he cute, handsome, tall, smart? Okay tell me where
he works? Is he like an owner of a company?? Oh my Allah I’m
so happy for you Asmaaaa I just cant tell it in words!” She ends
finally to breathe.
“Calm down you crazy girl! I don’t know a thing about him yet
and seems like someone’s more interested in him than me”, I
say with a smirk.
“Asthagfirullah Asma how can you be so mean I was just trying
to share how happy I was for you.. I’m hurt.. and never in the
world would I cheat on you Asmaaa”, she says as she gets up
from my bed to leave.
I jump out of my spot and hold her hand and as she turns I
hug her so tight. Then soon I burst into tears.
“Oh My Allah! Why are you crying habibti?”, she says with a
startled expression. I still hold her tight and not let her go.
“I don’t really know Asna.. but.. but I think I’m still not ready
for this… You see I have not even completed college yet.. I
think I’m not yet ready Asna.. please help me”, I say as I leave
her embrace.
“Oh don’t think that way, I think you are ready for it.. you are a
perfect muslimah.. you are almost done with college now..
you have reached your age of marriage maa shaa Allah.. you
make your own decisons now and what not.. you are ready
Asma I know it and I…”, I cut her off as I hug her again and
say.. “you are the best sister habibti! I love you so much! And
jezakallahu khairan for making me feel better! So do you think
I can accept this marriage?”, I ask her again.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum Allahu khairan, and I would do
anything for you hayaatee, and I think you are totally ready for
this but don’t accept till you find out if this guy is a good guy or
not”, she says winking and makes a move out of my room.
“I’m sorry about what I told you before.. I didn’t mean it…
Asnaaaaa I hope you heard me!”, I scream on top of my lungs
so that she would hear me from out. She screams back, “ya
okay okay you are forgiven”.
I decided to close my books and think about what Asna told
me and in no time I had fallen asleep.
Next day was going to be very exciting as I was finally going to
say my parents that I had agreed on marrying once I get to
know who the guy is.
So as I hear the alarm, I realize it’s time for Fajr prayer and
before it’s too late I decide to run make wudu and pray.. The
best prayer in the eyes of Allah is the Fajr prayer. So I decide
to make dua at that time. I made dua that I have to make a
good decision and that Allah has to guide me to the right path
and that he should be there with me at all times.
Once I was satisfied with all the duas I decided to make my
way downstairs to make a cup of tea before I start my home
work since I couldn’t do it last night with too much thoughts in
my mind, I decided to do it in the morning. On my way back up
with the tea in hand, I woke up Asna for prayers and went
straight to my room to continue with my work.
“Asma habibti come down for breakfast” mom screams from
“Coming ma! In a few minutesss”, I scream back so she would
here me from down. “Oh no I’m late again..”, I say to myself. I
grab a black long sleeve shirt, a dark green flowy skirt and a
beige hijab and neatly wrap my head. Then add little touch of
make up to make myself happy and make way downstairs.
“Assalamu Alaikum ma, baba, Asna.. and ma I have no time
pack my breakfast I’ll eat at college”, I say as I open the fridge
and drink a little bit of fruit jiuce and make my way out of the
house. “Fee amaanillah”, I say.
“Fee amaanillah habibti! Take care.. hoping to hear from you
about the discussed matter yesterday, in shaa Allah in the
evening”, baba says with a smile. I turn back smile at him and
say, “in shaa Allah baba”.
With that I leave and ma shouts again “don’t forget to have
your breakfast Asma I won’t take you home if not.. Fee
amaanillah habibti”, ma says and continues with her work.
As usual I was late to class, Mr James had started his lesson
and I was so worried I had to miss my favorite lesson
mathematics. It’s okay it’s what Allah had planned I have to
just say Alhamdulillah and move on. I thought.
As we were finally having our lunch break and made my way
down to the cafeteria as I was supposed to meet Raahimah
there. My best friend, we had the first 3 periods separately and
then the last two periods of the day together.
Rahimah was the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She is the same
age as I am, we are neighbors and best friends from pre
school till present day. She doesn’t communicate much with
others. She prefers to be around few. She loves me and
compliments me for everything I do. She is beautiful inwards
and outwards.
“Oh hayatee Assalamu alaikum! How much I missed you.. by
the way looking very pretty today maa shaa Allah”, she says as
she runs to me and hugs me.
“Oh walaikum salaam warhahmathullahi wabarakathuhu
Rahimah . I missed you too! And Jezakallahu khairan… you
look beautiful yourself”, I say as I wink and hug her back.
“Anyways I need to tell you something very important!”, I say
to her and we take our seats in the usual spot. Since both of
us had taken lunch from home it brought more time for us to
talk today.
“Ya ya what is it?”, she asks me so excitedly as she puts a
spoon full of baked beans into her mouth.
So I narrate the entire story of what happened yesterday at
home from what baba and ma told up to what Asna told and
what I decided. There were few oohs and aahs from her other
than that just munching sounds as she was so engrossed in
the story that she didn’t remember her manners.
And finally she decides to speak when I start to eat, “hmmm I
think it’s a big decision but what Asna said was right.. I think
you are ready for it and I think you can do it cause I know that
I know you better than you yourself, to tell you the truth your
mom spoke to me about this before you and she asked my
opinion and I told her that you are ready enough for it”.
“Are you serious! You and ma had a conversation about it..
well that’s nice to hear and I think I’m going to say yes to
them”, as I make a move with her to our next few classes for
the day.
The classes finished with the blink of one’s eye and finally it
was time to go home.
I made my way home to see mom as usual busy in the kitchen.
“Assalamu alaikum ma!”, I hugged her from behind. Without
turning she replied, “walaikum salaam habibti”.
I decided to tell mom about my decision right there as I
thought it would be awkward to tell in front of my father so I
began the conversation.
“So ma I thought about what you guys said and Alhamdulillah I
think I’m ready”, I said with a smile.
She turned at once and asked, “are you happy?”
“Happy with?”, I asked her.
“Are you happy with our decision?”, she asked me softly.
I replied, “I’m very happy ma! But I first want to know about
this person before I accept him.. is it okay?”.
“Ya sure.. okay.. I’ll talk about it with baba and let you know in
shaa Allah”, she said with excitement in her face.
“Okay ma in shaa Allah! I’ll freshen up a little and come back
down”, I say as I was exhausted after college.
I leave as ma replied, “okay” with a smile.
“Alhamdulillah!” I say to myself as I head to my room.


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